2017-18 Season

RenMen Branches

as part of the Ashmont Hill Chamber Music 2017-18 Series



Renaissance Men has been invited to give a featured concert at for the 2017-18 Ashmont Hill Chamber Music series!


RenMen Branches has its origins in our first three mainstage series, with a trio of works (the Bairstow, Bantock, and Vaughan Williams) taken from our On This Island concert series. From the earliest days of our history, the polyphonic motets of Jacob Handl, so perfectly written for the changed tenor, baritone, and bass voices, proved a natural fit for our singers. As our first concert series, RenMen I, largely consisted of these works, we seemed poised to become an early music ensemble from the outset. However, we then pursued what was to become a characteristically complete change in directions and presented RenMen Roots, a program of Early American Hymn Tunes, Spirituals, and Bluegrass numbers. To see our erstwhile Bach specialists, so known for their blazing coloratura and stentorian recitatives, suddenly strumming the banjo and plucking the upright bass must have been a shock for our audiences. It certainly left us pondering what could possibly follow up such a spectacle. The answer was to finally take our repertoire out of the church and bring it to the tavern for the following concert series, the original RenMen Branches. For as long as man has worshipped his God of choice, so too has he worshipped the joys of inebriation, singing in praise of the almighty grape throughout the ages and across the globe. Since those initial three concert series, Renaissance Men has become known for our interest in a wide variety of repertoire, including German Männerchor, Estonian folk tunes, English part songs, barbershop quartet standards, pop tunes, classic rock and roll, daring new commissions, and much more.


Graphic Design by Ryan Stickney

February 18, 2018



All Saints Ashmont

Dorchester, Massachusetts

4:00 PM


Renaissance Men will also give a workshop on February 17, 2018 as a part of the festival weekend. More information on this forthcoming.