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Thank you for your interest in supporting Renaissance Men!

Read below to learn about all the different ways you can sponsor our programming.

2021 Fundraising Objectives


⚜️  RenMentality Album (click to view RenMentality brochure)


As we go into 2021, RenMen have an ambitious goal to record our third album, RenMentality , a one-act performance art piece which explores the intersection of mental health and music in an honest and humanizing way. Our goal of increasing visibility and public discourse around mental illness is more important now than ever; as we begin to heal physically from the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing mental health crisis needs to be confronted.


⚜️  Capacity-Building

Renaissance Men plan to increase staffing to two part-time positions

(Executive Director and Artist Manager)

who will oversee fundraising efforts, community relations, and organizational initiatives, and represent RenMen as we expand our touring schedule.


⚜️ Endowment

Renaissance Men plan to open an endowment fund to secure our long-term project goals and create annual revenue. 


⚜️ New 2022 Programming

Community engagement, new commissions and collaborations, continued commercial release of past programs...details will To Be Announced Fall 2021


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