Post-Production Update 1: Candy Corn and Scotch. And Life Lessons.

Well, despite our 'brace-yourself' faces, indeed we survived the first two rounds of edits for RenMen Laments.

In September, our illustrious producer, Chris Sclafani, sent us a 60-second snippet of the Tallis Lamentations for our 2017-18 season preview video. He had been pretty tied up with the construction of his new studio space in New York City, and was simultaneously involved in his civic responsibilities of jury duty, so 60-seconds is about all the time he had. And what a 60 seconds it was...the sound! Bold. Clean. Crisp. Rich and Handsome. RenMen. If this was any indication of what was to come, then it was definitely worth the wait.

So now we begin! Armed with comfort foods and spirits, last week, Chris sent us takes taken from hours of material to takes to find the absolute best quality for our debut record. Who has that much hard drive space? Chris has been phenomenal in capturing the sounds that make us uniq