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RenMen To Record Stravinsky’s “Renard” with pianist Timothy Steele for KAIROS DANCE THEATER collab.

Renaissance Men are already on to the next recording! Stravinsky’s burlesque opera “Renard” for piano and voices, featuring tenors Eduardo Antonio Ramos Suárez and Fausto Miro, baritone Brian Church, and bass Anthony Burkes Garza. The incomparable Timothy Steele at the piano, conducted by Eric Christopher Perry. RenMen will rejoin “A Very RenMen Christmas LIVE!” producer Jeffrey Means, who will engineer the recording. This will be used as the definitive rehearsal recording for KAIROS Dance Theater’s presentation of “FOXY” which will include Renard and RenMen in a full orchestral performance in the 2022-23 season. This may even appear in RenMen’s media…keep your eyes out for it!

RenMen’s next chapter is dedicated to incredible collaborations with inspired artists. Looking forward to our June sessions! For more info visit


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