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Buffalo: Maid of the Mist and Two Days Licked

It's already Wednesday! And we are already three tracks down! We drove into New York State on Monday after a Sunday night rehearsal, and after a couple of hours in our AirBnB location Tony found for us in Buffalo (yes, all ten of us in the house!), we were soon off to the races. We are recording at the gorgeous Westminster Presbyterian Church in Buffalo, New York, in the heart of the city near the Allentown neighborhood. Chris Sclafani, who just finished a tour with international songwriting sensation Ed Sheeran, was already ready to go by the time we arrived. So, no time like the present! Between a two hour sound check and a five hour session we have already recorded a third of the album. Casals, Milhuad, and Van Ness. Chris's ear for sound, and his incredible set up in the sanctuary, is resulting in one incredibly cool sound for RenMen - a perfect balance of warmth and brightness, and a natural reverberation that suits us well in all the literature we're singing. While recording is hard work, listening back to some of the sections has been utter joy...the power of our sound when all ten sing full-on, and so far some super chilling moments when we sing sweet and delicate. This is what I've always loved about Renaissance Men - their ability to capture the extremes in music, never to overlook the possibilities each piece has to offer.

And the food...

Plenty of local delis, Tim Hortons, and amazing leftover breakfasts by Tony to be had, so we're all full and happy!

Here are some shots from the last few days:

At the end of day on Tuesday, Will prepared a Buffalonian field trip for us! Niagara Falls and *legit* Buffalo wings at Duff's! There could be no better place to get them, but, we're always up for a little debate! Before the big day of tackling Thomas Tallis, this was a perfect way to celebrate a successful day and to prep for the rest of the week to follow. The rush of the Falls on the Maid of the Mist was something we'll never forget.

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