Wednesday: Full hearts and Fat Bobs

We took a very relaxing morning at the house to mentally prepare for the seven hours of recording we had in front of us yesterday. A couple of the guys took a run around Delaware Park while some of us slept in. Will took off early to visit family. Tony made a delicious southern style sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast when we all returned to the table. The house smelled too scrumptious for me to sleep, so off to the feast I went. I walked outside and heard the sounds of mandolin from upstairs – several members were enjoying a morning on the upper deck porch, looking over the neighborhood. A surprise visit from our host added to the sense of community that Buffalo is so well known for. Kilian and Garry made a mustache gym run (?) while Brian practiced his line in the Tallis accompanying himself by playing surrounding parts on his acoustic guitar. I think we fit in really well here, and that Buffalo is an ideal place for us to make our first album. Buffalo is made up of real people, nice people, generous people, honest people, living day to day as best they know how, enjoying each other and the things around them. Like this sausage gravy that Tony made: