Thursday AM: Tallis and Tornado Warnings: The Plot Thickens

The euphoric rush we felt on Wednesday was so addictive we all stayed up on Wednesday night wondering if lightening could strike twice. At this stage, we had 2/3 of the album material recorded. All we needed was a few more solid hours of work and we'd have this project all wrapped up.

Of course, like any great reality TV show, there was the "but then..." moment. That moment when minor inconveniences make a perfect situation take a turn...

Up to this point, Buffalo boasted bright and sunny skies all week. That visit to Niagara Falls, the walks to local eating establishments, the mornings on the front porch in our neighborhood, – all perfect. Still in afterglow, we were treated to cinnamon roll and bacon breakfast by Tony before scattering to our morning affairs. I finished the morning blog post and took off to the gym, knowing everyone in the house was content and looking forward to the day's recording. Shortly after I started my workout, I received a text message from Ben:

"Help me, I'm trapped in the rain!"