Thursday PM: Sounds, Strides, and the Stroke of Midnight, or, We Did It. And Buffalo Police.

Through sweat and strain we finished recording Gawthrop's "Isaiah" around 6:00 PM on Thursday evening. We eventually hit a groove and found our sound for this repertoire again, and after a lofty discussion about semitones in his work and how they are similar/dissimilar to Tallis's use, we become more aware of our function in this piece, both on an individual level and as an ensemble. We shook off the stress of "getting it done" and just started to have fun. We moved fast, but slowly the tensions started to shake and we were able to swiftly cross the finish line. And the feeling of only having ten pages of Tallis left...sheer levitation.

We took an hour + for a dinner break, and returned in high spirits to get the rest of this album in the can. At this stage, this is when things really started to get wacky. With the finish line in sight, quirky little things kept popping up that tried to wreck our momentum. Over his headphones, Chris heard a ticking clock that was sitting atop one of the lecterns and searched everywhere to try to find it as it wasn't in plain sight. A whoosh of foul odor wafted over the ensemble, which we agreed came from one of the pipes in the church and not from any of us...we would get a great take and an ambu